"My guess is that Consequences have played at all venues in Stockholm the last two years or so. I have seen the most of them. Every show has been really impressive and what strikes you the most is the power and the quality of the songs. It doesn’t matter if they play acoustic and stripped down with only candles lit in a tiny basement club or with the whole band at an outdoor festival. The songs are so good performed in any way.

Just listen to the single “Release Me From Love”. It’s timeless. It sounds like 80’s Cure, 90’s Flaming Lips and 00’s Arcade Fire combined with a classic swedish sense for melodies. It was a long time ago since I heard someone singing the word “please” so convincing as Jonas Heikenskjöld does.

If that “please” is the band’s wish for people to please wait for the album I can only say that I want to hear it now, but I sure can wait if it turns out as good as the songs promise. I’m really looking forward to hear my live favourites recorded. Songs like “Birds are singing”, that has the kind of groove and soul feel like The Band had, “I do it all for love” that sounds a bit like Todd Rundgren and Wilco and “Some kind of magic”, which is a beautiful ballad that will be aired on Classic ballad radio stations in the future.

The history of Consequences began with bassplayer/songwriter Mattias Areskog who in one year wrote 200 or more songs, just because he had to, in his tiny wardrobe studio (called M.Wardrobe).
Then he wanted to form a true democratic band only with good friends. He therefore involved old friend and vocalist/guitarist Jonas Heijkenskjöld, whom he had a swedish cult-band together with ten years ago, along with new friends met on the road touring or playing together: organ-player Åsa Jakobsson, guitarist Daniel Jansson and drummer Richard Ankers. Together they are one of the best hidden secretes of the popscene of Stockholm.
The members has previously toured and recorded with swedish artists as Marit Bergman, Frida Hyvönen, Melody Club, Anna Ternheim, The Slaves, Peter Bjorn & John, Mattias Hellberg and Friska Viljor.

The debut album is produced by Ronald Bood (Mando Diao, Shout out louds etc) and has been honoured in swedish press as one of the best albums of the year.

"A breath-taking album, full of smashing hits" wrote Nöjesguiden, who gave the grade 5/6. Dagens Nyheter said "Romantic refrains that makes you want to cry of hapiness", Magazine Veckorevyn rated it 5/5, Metica 9/10 and Chili 4/5.

The first single from the album, “Release Me From Love”, scored number 15 in the swedish single chart. It's been on frequent rotation on Swedish Radio P3, P4, Studentradion and Radio Stockholm and the video will start spinning on MTV in december.
During september october Consequences toured in Sweden as support to Marit Bergman. Around the time for the album release Consequences played in Stockholm, Göteborg and London. A second swedish tour is planned for the spring.

Daniel Värjö, The Concretes
Stockholm 30/9-06








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